Dr. Stephen Lucie

A board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in sports medicine and joint replacement, Dr. Stephen Lucie practices at the Florida-based Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute (JOI), where he offers minimal incision surgery, robotic-assisted partial knee replacement, and other innovative surgical techniques. A founding member of JOI, Dr. Stephen Lucie has served the organization in a number of administrative roles, including positions as vice chairman and chairman of the institute’s board.

Dr. Stephen Lucie has published his work in leading medical journals over the years. In 2005, he contributed to the article “Chronic Hip Pain in a 40-year-old Recreational Runner,” which appeared in the Journal of Athletic Training. He has also given presentations at multiple industry meetings, such as the NFL Physicians’ Society Sports Medicine Science Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

An avid runner, Dr. Lucie has competed 10 marathons, including the Boston, New York, Disney, and London races. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and offshore fishing, and has completed four years on a professional Kingfish tour.