Dr. William Leach Florida

Dr. William Leach Treats Patients Struggling with Addiction in Florida

About Dr. William Leach Florida

For several years, Dr. William Leach has overseen the North Florida private practice in which he works. The doctor is board certified in Addiction Medicine, a new and critically needed physician specialty. He assists individuals who desire to enter recovery from the life threatening genetically inherited structural brain disease of addiction. With three decades of experience and proper expert specialty training in family medicine he follows a holistic approach to patient care, taking into account the human being's biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual (awareness consciousness) condition. Simply thought of, this is a whole-istic ongoing look at a human being. For patients who visit his Florida practice or the inpatient rehabilitation facility which he directs, Dr. William Leach specifically emphasizes the importance of self-awareness as critical to the patient’s entrance into and the maintenance of the “recovery” condition.

In preparation for his career, Dr. Leach completed extensive education and training. After earning a bachelor's degree and graduating magna cum laude from the University of Florida, he stayed on at the institution for his medical degree. He then fulfilled an internship at St. Luke’s Hospital Medical Center in Colorado, followed by a Family Practice residency at Central Maine Medical Center. Recently, Dr. Leach focused his attention on addiction medicine and undertook specialty fellowship training through his alma mater's department of psychiatry. Today, he continues to stay abreast of developments in his field through the maintenance of his competence as required by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

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