Dr. William Richheimer

President and Owner at Mile High Cornea Specialist

About Dr. William Richheimer

Since 2008, Dr. William Richheimer has served as President, lead physician, and surgeon at Mile High Corneal Specialists, P.C. Based in Denver, he specializes in cornea, cataract, and laser refractive surgery. Providing premium eye care services, Dr. Richheimer also offers innovative therapies using cutting-edge techniques. As a surgeon who possesses a unique skill set, Dr. William Richheimer operates on some of the more difficult eye pathologies, particularly in the corneal area. Completing his fellowship with the distinguished corneal specialists at John A. Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City in 2006, Dr. Richheimer applies his expertise to provide some of the most sophisticated surgeries and techniques at his own private practice.

Dr. William Richheimer serves as the first American surgeon to perform the double-cut DSAEK surgery, a procedure designed to replace the cornea with thinner tissue that may allow for better vision. He has also had the opportunity to lecture on the subject on a national platform. His practice also serves as a referral source for complex conditions involving the cornea, including keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea), lamellar (partial thickness) corneal surgery, full thickness corneal transplants, and laser eye surgery. Members of the local medical community trust Dr. Richheimer’s reputation for successfully performing procedures ranging from cataract surgery to difficult cornea transplants. He has also operated on many physicians, technicians, and colleagues throughout his career. A renowned specialist, Dr. Richheimer also performs the popular LASIK surgery to help patients correct their eyesight and free themselves of glasses. Patients who visit him for LASIK surgery can rest assured that they will receive personal attention.

Prior to his career, Dr. William Richheimer earned a BS in Biology from Cornell University and an MD from the Duke University School of Medicine. He then completed his ophthalmologic residency at the California Pacific Medical Center and earned the Wayne Erdbrink Award for his academic pursuits. When he is not working, Dr. Richheimer enjoys traveling, cycling, and rock climbing. For additional information or to make an appointment with Dr. William Richheimer, call (303) 482-1300 or visit MileHighcornea.com.

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