Cop suspended after repeatedly kicking man

This article talked about an officer who had kicked and punched a man in attempt to arrest him. Multiple bystanders caught video of what had happened. The author's talked about how there have been other incidents besides this one where a police has unlawfully "arrested' a Hispanic man or women. It took place at a Brooklyn street fair where street vendors were just trying to spread peace but got the exact opposite when police brutally started kicking an innocent man.

Two ideals in this article are rights and equality.

Two ideals in this article were denied, and those ideals were rights and equality. The police were taking away the Hispanics rights to a peaceful night at a street fair by causing a huge disruption to the whole event. Also taking away their rights by kicking the man they were trying to arrest, which is unlawful. Equality is a ideal in this article because they were treating the Hispanic's equally as to other races. There have been a lot of cases involving officers beating Hispanics unlawfully, most of the time because of their skin color and where they’re from. They have not been treating the Hispanics as equally as they have been treating other citizens of America.

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