31 Days of Drynuary - 2015

No booze January: Year #2

Last year, I documented a whole month of no drinking for my now fiancee Matt and me. That meant no beer during football, no glass of wine after dinner and...well, you get the point. You'll read conflicting opinions on drynuary, but I like the positive ones. The ones that focus on why it's good to kick off the year with a clear head and strong focus.

This year, we have even more reason to kick off the busy year on the right foot...we're getting married in October and have so much to look forward in the months leading up to then.

So here's my running recap of our month:

First week in...

This is the easy part...the first week after the holidays you're still digesting the holiday food and recovering from the holiday drinks. It feels great to not drink. We did some shopping, finished our save the dates and focused on cooking healthy meals. Nice start so far.

Check out ME on the HuffPost Live panel #Drynuary discussion

Last week's Drynuary discussion on HuffingtonPost Live proves how hot this trend is right now. And yet, while it's a trend, I'm not doing it to fit in with the cool kids, but to be positively healthy these first 31 days of the year.


I've also being toying around with the idea of doing a modified drynuary (as I mentioned on the panel) for these reasons:

1- It's much more realistic to focus on moderation than deprivation. Ask any nutritionist about dieting and it's not so much about the diet as it is the lifestyle.

2- I'm fairly healthy throughout the entire year. I workout a lot, enjoy being active and don't eat like total crap. So I figure, if I want a beer, I'm doing to drink a beer. Just not 5 beers.

I'm still doing drynuary, and Matt is being super strict, but I feel like my modified version fits me much better. Maybe it'll become the next trend?

Week 2: sips of champagne

I'm a bride, shouldn't I be able to drink champagne?

On Saturday of the 2nd weekend in we shopped at the Westside Market and helped my sister move in to her new apartment. On Sunday, some girl time. January marks the month of numerous bridal shows and since I'm planning a wedding, I decided to check out one of the best: The Bridal Bazaar.

The day was a lot of fun and gave me some great ideas for decor, invites and pastries. We taste-tested so many sweet treats that I simply had to wash it down with a few sips of champagne.

At the end of week 2, I'm feelin' pretty good about my modified drynuary.

Week 3 - keep on modifyin'

Palm trees in January doesn't suck.

Third week in, I was in Florida for a conference. Since my mom lives in Florida, I extended my trip for some wedding planning fun and enjoyed the sunshine, while simultaneously avoiding two snow storms. My brother and grandma also flew in for the week.

I can't say that I was too strict this week. I'm definitely sticking to my modified version of drynuary, which I'm totally okay with. My guilty pleasures included mostly wine, and a beer or two while in the sunshine state. Oh, and more champagne during wedding dress shopping. This leads me to my next point:

Is drynuary actually realistic when you're planning a wedding?

Week 4: the end

Key lime martini. #whynot

So this is it...no more drynuary. My month ended a day early when I ordered this fabulous key lime martini at a new bar in Cleveland. My sisters and I were checking out potential bridal shower venues and we just HAD to try out some of the local drinks.

Cheers to everyone who made it through and toughed it out. To that, you deserve a drink.

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3 years ago

I imagine week 3 will start to be tough

3 years ago

It would be interesting to do this with sugar too

3 years ago

@kyle For sure. Week 3 is the hardest...last year in week 3 we went to a grad party with free beer!

Matt is also doing no carbs (or very little) which is really hard.

3 years ago

Wrapping up week 3 for me and I now understand why it's the hardest. Can't imagine how week 4 will go....So happy it's almost over! 😁