Japan's eye

Akihabara city is a famous place around the world , because is known as the the city which has electronics products also it  sells a different kind of products as gadgets , electronics , accesories  and entertainment products as manga , videogames and anime.


The night life of Akihabara city is very different because it changes everything .Also many tourists around the world go to that place to buy products or do their "tourist's trip"

Another important point is the products begins increase it ! > Start the competition to sell more products<


Important things as you never known bout Akihabara's city:

  • You can see cosplayers
  • Restaurants known as "CafĂ© Maid"
  • Places of videogames  (people who wager )
  • Restaurants for each corner

Halloween in Akihabara

In speciall events (as Halloween) Akihabara is very popular because many people go to the popular places to say " Trick and Treat" only for fun to spend the time with their friends.

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