Fancy a small but paid development gig with a great team, that can make a massive difference?


We're looking for a developer who'd like to work on a mobile web platform that mashes up an interesting blend of tech, to positively disrupt the charity fundraising market. It's a short term project with strong long term potential.

We're a team of three well connected and experienced business innovators who've won an Innovate UK competition. Our prize funds us to develop a prototype and trial it with some really influential partners.

Although we're really mobile, our main workspaces are at Geovation Hub (near Farringdon), Impact Hub Birmingham & Union Street in Sheffield. We can also be found in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and South Wales.
All of this means that good results will get great media coverage.

We're looking for Full Stack capability. We have a partial prototype to work from, a CTO to work with and clarity about functionality. We're flexible about the exact tech you use, are keen to play with UX and always open to ideas.

We have worked with a group of developers to create an initial service design & technology prototype, comprising:

  • MYSQL database
  • Python/Flask/SQLAlchemy backend with REST API endpoints
  • Responsive phone-first user interface based on HTML5/CSS3/JQuery
  • In an iterative, agile way, we now wish to add further features including:

  • further screens
  • authentication & security model (including Facebook login & post to Facebook)
  • payment service integration
  • telecoms platform integration
  • dashboard development for metrics display
  • We have decided to consider the back-end (database & Flask) work as replaceable & will be migrating to a different technology set (NodeJS/Rails). In the short term, we are happy to adopt a packaged back-end service such as Firebase/Parse.


    We have worked on data & customer experience design, and are looking for one or two developers to work with us for a short time to expand the prototype with:

    • Focus on UX & front-end development with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript/Jquery
    • Desirable: Full stack capability, with understanding of No-SQL databases & Node.JS
    • Experience in responsive web GUI development with specific phone experience
    • Graphic design capabilities (icons, logos, buttons, layout/UX etc)
    • Willingness to work interactively with the client in 3-4 intense “barn raising” bursts (probably 1-2 days including the possibility of weekend work)
    • Comfortable in working with us collaboratively using Trello task cards
    • Willingness to take sections of the system away to work on
    • Application support during the operation of a trial

    Is this something that would interest you?
    If so, leave your details for us below...