Gordon Corbett, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Ability to Motivate. Leaders don’t lead by telling people what they have to do.
Instead, leaders cause people to want to help them.

A key part of being a leader is cultivating your own desire to help others. When others sense that you want to help them, they in turn want to help you.  What I can say now, looking back 30 years ago on who Mr. Corbett's really was an an educational leader, is he asked us to help him be the best teacher he could be.  His was of asking was to provide opportunties for us to shine so he could reflect our radiance to the community.  When he saw the group of gals singing and playing guitars on the playground on a regular basis, he motivated us with a chance to become something bigger than ourselves.  Under his expert advising and guidance, we became "The Honey Bears", a performing group who entertained in every nursing home, elementary school and pre-school in the area.  In the classroom he asked us to help him by sharing his experience in becoming one of the national finalists in the Teacher in Space program.  He was among the top 10 behind Christa MacCauliffe.  He motivated us to learn about the space shuttle program so we could write letters on his behalf to recommend him to them program.  Today, he still teaches the NASA Space Curriculum to homeschooled youth and community groups, continuing to lead his students so he can reflect their brillance back out into the world.  What he taught me about leadership is that to motivate others, you must find within them what is it that they believe is worth reflecting out into the world.  Knowing this, then one can work to build the supports, lenses, eye-pieces and reflectors around them to accomplish that reflection.   Practice building scaffolding, parts and other supports is what satifies the desire to help others.