American Aviation
Group 1- Shahyan, Ahmed, Bryan, Joey

sections of flight in history

Pre 1920s Aviation

By 1908 the Wright brothers had secured their patent and contracts for the sale of their invention, and made their first public flights in Europe and the U.S. With their latest design, the Wright Model A.

This time period consisted of many new inventions and ideas, ply his planet being an example of both.

World War 2

The Tiny Tim Missle was an air to ground weapon used during ww1. This was the largest American rocket in service.

this time period as all about war. WW2 is one of the biggest wars today.

Cold War

This suit belonged to the U.S. Air Force lt. Col. Josef T. Vida who wore it during the coast to coast, record breaking final flight of the museum's SR.-71.

The U.S. and the Soviet Union emerged from WW1 as the worlds two superpowers.

Space Exploration

this giant shuttle, known as the Discovery retired from space flight as the longest serving and the most accomplished space shuttle orbiter.

Vertical Flight

The 30 model ship 1 was the first heke opted equipped with a thetring semi rigid 2 bladed system, which improved upon the complexity of rotor heads.

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