The Amazing Race To The 7th Grade- Blue1

Today we participated in the Amazing Race to Seventh Grade. It was so much fun. We spent the whole day going through a series of challenges. They were enjoyable and academic. They made you use your imagination and what you have learned this year in all of your classes. At each challenge we put a picture on Instagram

Challenge 1: POW- POW stands for prisoners of war. We were in a dark closet with a strobe light. We used our flashlights on our devices and put a series of historical moments in chronological order.

Challenge 2: Safety Plan- We used our knowledge of the Dust Storm to create a safety poster for people living during that time.

Challenge 3: Frisbee Toss- We were outside and given a Frisbee, calculator, tape measure, and chart. Each team member threw the Frisbee and we measured the distance. Then we converted it from meters to feet.

Challenge 4: Moon Phases- At this station we put the moon phases in the correct order and labeled them.

Challenge 5: Earthquake- Here we built a building strong enough to withstand an earthquake out of paper, straws, and paperclips. Then we tested it.

Challenge 6: Hurricane- At this challenge we used cordinates to track Hurricane Mitch.

Challenge 7: Ode- Here, we created at type of poem, known as an ode, about our favorite activity day. We chose Innovation Day.

Challenge 8: Shopping- During this activity we looked at objects in a "store". They were all on sale and we had to see how much they cost with the sale and then add the new prices up.

Challenge 9: Timeline- At this one we put the activities we have done in sixth grade in chronological order.

Challenge 10: Food Challenge- We closed our eyes and were given a spoonful of food. Then we wrote a  sentence using figurative language about what they tasted like.

Challenge 11: Pyramid- Here we were given several templates and folded them into pyramids. There were three. When we put them together to create a cube. Then we found the formula of a pyramid: lwh/3

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