Algorithms: Executing Algorithms

A definition:

Execute - To execute is to carry out fully, to put completely into effect.

From the definition we see that to execute means to do a task.

To accomplish a task there are one or more "steps" that must be done and someone, or something, to perform the steps.

Executing Algorithms

Recall that a high-level definition of an algorithm is a step-by-step method to accomplish a task.

To execute an algorithm is to carry out the steps/instructions of the algorithm.

The algorithms that we start with do not do anything significant.

However, the algorithms we start with are basic groups of instructions that occur in many other algorithms.

We will execute some algorithms. The instructions in each algorithm are completely self-explanatory. The terms steps and instructions mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. Unless otherwise instructed when an instruction is completed do the instruction that follows it.