Caitlin Innis


My family has played a big role in my socialization skills. They have taught me good family traditions, for example we go out and cut down a Christmas tree every year. They have also taught me to go to school every day and get an education for my future. My parents have also socialized me by pushing me out into the world and making me get a job, and some real life experiences. My parents have also taught me how to dress up nice for occasions, like prom and weddings. When it comes to sports my family has also socialized me, because my uncles and grandparents are big on sports. We also have family get together to watch the Ohio State football games, and they have helped me learn the sport more and they make me excited to watch it. My family also socialized me when it came to TV, I watched shows like Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street and the Teletubbies.  

Peer Groups

My friends have socialized me in many ways to. I think most things are better when they are done with a friend. My best friends have helped my socialization skills by communicating to each other all the time. Another thing is going to sporting events together, like a Clippers game on a nice summer night. My friends have also made me laugh a lot, like when we go out in public and try goofy things on or stand like the manikins in stores. They have also helped me socialize by always being there when I am feeling down, and also by being apart of my family and coming to family events.


School has helped socialize me in several ways. The biggest way would be moving in the middle of junior year, from Reynoldsburg to Gahanna. It has helped my social skills because i had to go out on my own in the middle of the school year and talk to people i didn't know. Meeting new people in the middle of a school year has really helped my communication skills. School has not only taught me these things, but has also helped me focus and prepare for the future. School has taught me how to manage my time between getting homework done, going to work, and making time for my family and friends.

Mass Media

Mass Media has helped socialize me in a few ways. Social Media like Instagram and Twitter has helped me in a way because it helped me connect with people from Gahanna before i even moved here. Social media helps you connect with people you might not get to see everyday. Another thing is TV and movies, they have helped socialize me because a lot of the things i watch i have found quotes that motivate me, and a lot of people quote things from movies and TV.  TV and Movies have also socialized me because it has helped me enjoy watching older movies that were made before we were even born. Social Media has also influenced music music in my life, it has helped influence a lot of older music like Nsync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, Nelly, TLC and much more. Social media has also influenced modern day music a lot to.  

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