The Telegraph invented by Samuel Morse

A ground breaking devise for the ages!

How it was Invented and Soultions found

Inventor - Samuel Morse

Now inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse saw a problem to which he created a solution.Morse wanted to prove that signals could be transmitted by wire so one could send transmissions over a distance.Now the Inventor decided to look towards the one of many initial designs of this well know device.Morse then created the system of dots and dashes that represent letters and numbers ,know as Morse Code and the Telegraph.After 6 years and thousands of dollars later he held a demonstration and the telegraph sent it's first message : "What hath God wrought?" .We now could successfully transmit messages from a distance.

A better life , Both then and Now

With the new invention of the telegraph life didn't change that much yet with this new ability we accomplished more.Instead of the old ways of mail and telephone we had the telegraph.We now were able to stay closer together in the fields of communication.Without the telegraph we might not have had things such as the internet or radio or many communication sources and maybe even had lost a war.It is hard to see this device creating any problems

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