stunts in cheerleading

by: savannah sharp

       This book is going to teach you some of the basic steps to stunts in cheerleading. You will learn how to get up, stay up, and perpare.

 One of the most important things in stunting is seeing if you can actually hold up your you do the hang drill doing this really shows that you can hold up the flyer. Now after the hang drill it may be nice to try the shoes. The shoes is basically just taking the flyers shoe, and stunting with just their shoes to be sure your stunting right. Now another way is straight to cradle, which is the flyer just leaping into the bases arms, and sitting down with your legs out straight in front of you.

      So that you know how to catch the flyer. Something else  you should try is watching someone who knows what to do so you’ll see what you need to do.

    Something that the flyer must do in getting up, and both staying up is staying tight with straight legs  .Another thing flyers is if you fall 9 out of 10 times it was an accident. If you really trust your bases you’ll stand up brush it off, and try again it may take a few days but you will do it. Sometimes one off your bases may be having some trouble so lean most of your weight on to the other base while the troubled one sets.

   One of the most important parts in getting up as a flyer is staying tight, as you’re going up and when you are up because staying tight helps to improve your balance in the air, and this can also save you from a fall. Speed is another thing you may want to watch be sure not to go to fast or to slow to avoid falling. For a flyer having straight legs is very important this will also improve balance.