Coyle Cougar News To Know

September 9-13
Start with the end in Mind.......

Upcoming Dates

  • 9/10/13 Band Booster Meeting in Band Hall from 7:00-8:00
  • 9/11/13 Flags will fly half staff
  • 9/12/13 Girls' Volleyball game at Obanion Middle School
  • 9/13/13 Please verify your attendance by 4:30
  • 9/15/13 Progress Report Grade Submission (make sure you have at least 4 grades)
  • 9/16/13 Meet The Teacher - Make sure to submit your pizza request to Mrs. Stout

Important information

Cell Phones  may be used at the teachers discretion in class as a tool and not a toy.  If students are abusing this, please issue an office referral and the administrators will obtain the students phone.

Parent Communication please communicate with parents and keep them informed.  Your logs will be turned in at the end of each semester.

Lesson Plans will be to due to your PDAS administrator on Fridays for the following week.  Please print the lesson plans and place in their box.  A template will be emailed for you to use.

Passing Periods thank you for being visible in the hallway in between periods.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) must occur weekly and the notes should be placed in your administrators box.  Special Education teachers will participate in the PLC meetings also.

Classroom Observations - Please make sure that you have your student objectives and TEKS posted in your classroom.

Cycle Recovery ....more details to follow, stay tuned

pat on the back.....

  • The Special Education Department recognized Sonia Brown for her students scoring high on their Reading Program.
  • Please email the good news and I will keep them going :)

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