Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Abby Griswold

Chapters 1 & 2

"sometimes I act a lot older than I am—I really do—but people never notice it. People never notice anything" (Salinger 12).

Chapters 3 & 4

"It was pretty nice to get back to my room, after I left old Spencer, because everyone was down at the game, and the heat was on in our room for a change" (Salinger 21).

This quote is a good example of the emerging theme of community in the Catcher in the Rye. Holden excludes himself from the group, and finds pleasure in the moments when he can  be alone. When given the choice to be with the group, he prefers to be alone; he doesn't need community to be happy or satisfied with his life. Holden has a friend group, but his nature is to be on his own because he is independent and can stand on his own.

Chapter 5 & 6

When Stradlater comes back from his date with Jane, even though Holden and Jane grew up together, it is weird that Holden is so ACRID toward Stradlater. Holden's behavior is justified because Stradlater acts like Holden and Jane knowing each other is IRRELEVANT. Holden likes to ink of himself as a rebel who breaks the rules and doesn't care, yet he chooses to smoke NOCTURNALLY so he won't get caught breaking the rules. I think it is sweet that Holden is so worried about Jane, which he says when he describes hearing Stradlater's footsteps in the QUIESCENT hallway. It is sad how Holden wrote an emotional essay about his dead brother, and after RUMINATING on such a depressing topic, Stradlater has the nerve to get angry at him for it.

Chapter 7

Does Holden really hate Stradlater or is Holden just jealous of him?


Why does Holden find it so entertaining to lie to mrs Morrow and just tell her what she wants to hear about her son?

Chapter 9

Is Holden depressed when he can't think of anyone to call?

Chapter 10

Why does Holden stay with the three women when he obviously does not like them and they are apparently "terrible conversationalists"?

Chapter 11

Why is Holden so conflicted with Jane? He talks like he's in love with her but he won't admit it to himself.

Chapter 12

Is Holden's dislike for Lillian because he genuinely doesn't like who she is or because of her association with his brother?

Chapter 13

Is Holden really just depressed by the girl or is there another reason why he pays her to leave?

Chapter 14

is Holden an Atheist because he thinks religious people are phonies or is there anothe r reason?

Chapter 15

How can Holden be so  judgemental over someones suitcase when he claims he is not phony?

Chapter 16

What is the significance of the boy singing the song about catching a body through the rye?

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