Malcolm X

This is Malcolm X, he was a great leader. He believed that racism was a disgraced. He wanted every human being to have the rights and not regardless of their skin color. He was born in 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.


Malcolm X grew up in America's most influential figures. His real name was Malcolm Little. When  Malcolm X was little, he would get picked on, because of his skin color and the way he looked like. He was really into education and wanted to know more about the world. His mother sent him to a Mental Hospital. When he was 12 years old his dad died in a car accident.

Marriage and Family

Malcolm X's parents, Earl Little (father) and Louise Little (mother). He had eight siblings.  His parents were members of Garvey's Universal Negro. His mother was sent to mental institution soon after, Malcolm's early teens. Louise Little was a homemaker. Earl Little was killed by a car accident and Louise was killed unknown. Malcolm had six daughters and a wife. His wife was Betty Sanders, she was a member of a nation, of Islam.  

School and College

The school Malcolm went to was "Famous West Junior High School Alumni" in the 1900's,  in New York. He graduated at the top of his class and dropped out of school.

Has Malcolm Been To Jail?

Yes, on January 12, 1946, he was guilty, and arrested, he was committed for burgling and sent to  eight to ten years in Massachusetts State Prison.

What Kind Of Leader Is He?

In 1950 he was a African, American leader, he is a figure in the Nation of Islam. Malcolm is a Muslim minister in 1963. He was a prominent black nationalist leader. He spoke passionately to a crowd at an outdoor rally in 1963.


Places Named After Malcolm

Many cities have renamed streets after Malcolm X. The name of Reid Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, was changed to Malcolm X Boulevard in 1985. In 1997, Oakland Avenue in Dallas, Texas, was renamed Malcolm X Boulevard. Main Street in Lansing, Michigan, was renamed Malcolm X Street in 2010.

Famous Quotes

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Sadly Malcolm X, a great leader who change the world was assassinated by a gun shot, in February 21, 1965 in new York City.


Fifteen hundred people was at Malcolm's funeral in Harlem on February 27th 1965 at the Faith Temple of Church of God. Malcolm X was buried at the Fern-cliff Cemetery in harts-dale, in New York



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