“Women in Games” is a SINGLE-ISSUE INTEREST GROUP that works to develop methods to support, promote and encourage women currently employed in the gaming industry, to bring awareness and education to both the workplace and the marketplace in terms of influence and value of women game professionals and women players. This INTEREST GROUP assesses the numbers of women working in the gaming industry in a variety of roles and tracks changes over time using a combination of available data and primary research, and executes a variety of programs to recruit women into the gaming industry. Joining is free, and MATERIAL BENEFITS are included.

According to the Women in Games' twitter account, we have approximately 2000 followers. This does not include those PATRONS who are not involved in social media. There are many other PUBLIC INTEREST GROUPS that also support this gaming community.

Women in Games operates through local chapters. Krissie Franco, one of the Co-Founders, is in charge of locating and advising local chapters. However, the group also functions with the help of: their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To support all of this, Women in Games relies on sponsors like Konami Gaming, ONLIVE, PlayStation, GameConnection, indiegogo, and various others. Its members may also donate to push towards their cause.

Women In Games is worth the time and effort. The teamwork provides a number of PURPOSIVE BENEFITS for the valued members. How cool would it be to have DIRECT CONTACT with the Women In Games greats? You guessed it: Mega Cool. What if you could GAIN ACCESS into IGDA’s leadership roles? Even cooler!

Women in Games deals with the following Issues. If you are passionate about these troubling societal problems, give IGDA a call:

  1. Diversity and Equality in the Gaming Community
  2. Anti-Discrimination/Sexism
  3. Educate Workplace and the Marketplace
  4. Value of Women Game Professionals
  5. Bringing more women into the industry
  6. Make Games More Appealing to Women

Success is our middle name! Women In Games has support at home and internationally.  Likewise, we are proud to announce that the percentage of women gamer's satisfaction is growing (as demonstrated below). Our followers, our influence on the gaming community, and our teamwork cannot be replicated. Come join the THINK TANK and reap the SELECTIVE BENEFITS!!

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