Hello, my name is Emma

I am a 7th grader at Boles Junior High.



I have 2 brothers named Jack and Ben, and two amazing parents. My brothers and I are really close in age, so we are very close. I'm grateful my family loves me enough to put up with my constant -and loud- singing!

Kasey, my Dog

My dog's name is Kasey. She is a Boxer-Lab mix and she is very cute! We've had her for around 2 years, and I can't imagine coming home and not seeing her.

Future Plans

I want to do something involving music and singing when I get older. I know there aren't many jobs available for that career path, but I know I'd go crazy if I couldn't sing every day.


I love anything to do with music. I play the violin and sing, and I also particpate in muscal theatre camps and classes. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and crafting.

Bucket List

I don't have a large bucket list, but I do have a smaller  one. I want to go see a Broadway musical in New York on the official Broadway stage when I'm older. I also would like to visit Venice, Italy.