Ottoman Merchant
Before the time of change in the Early Modern years the Ottoman Merchant was wealthy and was high in society. Instead now they are making little to no money because people are starting to explore other ways from one place to another.

Photo of a Ottoman Merchant

As a merchant in the Ottoman empire my family has been wealthy for many dynasties. My family has been a merchants for many years which make them wealthy. We have been luck to have this job but things are beginning to change and people are starting to not take the Silk Road and travel through the Ottoman Empire but they are traveling on ships to get the goods they need. This is starting to bring trouble to the Empire, before we thought nothing of it, but now that they are starting be not even come threw the Empire. My fellow merchants and I are not making any more money and we are beginning to think that it is not going to get any better because there to no way to stop the trading by boat.

The red lines show the silk road and the blue lines show the start of the trading by water

Before the change in transportation people took the silk road to get to different places on the map. One of the major things that kept the empire going was that the silk road end in the middle of the Ottoman empire. When people though started to use boats and travel by water the empire lost their control of the land and then started to fall.

This map shows the decline of Ottoman Empire through the time of the Early Modern time, some may say that it was a lot like Rome.

This is a picture of the decline of the Ottoman which took many years to completely vanish, but the most decline started when the empire started losing money because of the different ways people were going to get to other places. Though it took awhile for the empire to complete go away we could do little to no things to stop this revolution. One of the only things was that our border extend to some cities on the Red Sea which meant we could have ports there and make money but when we lost that the Empire, completely crumbled. Many people believe that the Ottoman Empire was a lot like the Empire of Rome because at its highest point they were untouchable, but fell just like all the other Empires.   

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