By Madison Saxer

This is one of the pyramids that the Egyptians used to bury their Pharaohs in.

Facts of Pyramids

The pyramids were used for burying the Pharaohs and the people important to them.

This is a picture of the farmers harvesting their crops.

The fathers were responsible for their family and the mothers stayed home.

This is the Nile River taken from a satilite.

The Nile River was were the farmers got the silt that they needed for their crops to grow.

The picture is of the god Anubis preparing the mummy.

The mummification can take up to 70 days to complete.

This is a picture of the Egyptians hieroglyphics.

The ancient Egyptians had over 2,000 gods and goddess that they worshiped.

This is a map of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt was divided in to two parts, the black area, where there was silt that helped with growing crops, and the red area were there was no silt to grow crops in.

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