Pleasure Pier

It is located in Galveston Tx at seawall blvd

48 and up are $26.99 to get in and under 48 are $19.99 to get in.

Here is a picture of one of the rides at pleasure pier it is called the sea dragon.

This is a scary because it takes you 280 feet in the air.

It is scary because it swings you high in the sky

This is a roller coaster that they have over there.

This ride ain't really scary it is just for little kids.

This is just like a roller coaster but you get wet and they have a big area where you can stand and get wet.

They have bumper cars where you can have fun, but you can't get on it wet.

This is a ride for little kids to get on and it is really fun.

This where you can eat after your done at the pleasure pier it is right across from the pleasure pier.

You can stay at this hotel when ever you stay in galveston tx.

I almost for got there is a tea cup ride it goes slow,but there is a little plate in side it and you can spin it how fast you want.

All of my pictures was from the Galveston Island Pleasure Pier.

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