Summer Adventure  

At warren hills


For summer adventure i'm going in to 5th grade and I am in miss Slaton's summer school class , she's the best . We have done tons of things on Mondays we go to library , on Thursdays we go Mrs.Tysdahl's class , and we have 3rd grade buddies . The fifth grade class rooms are so cool , they are brand new ,they are so big and awesome . I have three favorite electives we do I will tell you about them below .  

Math Camp Surfs Up

Usually I don't like math but this is fun math . We do grid papers were we made a picture out of numbers and also we made pictures out of math things .   

            Cheer leading

In cheer-leading Mrs. Tysdahl's class . We learned ton's and ton's or cheers , like awesome,victory, fire up and more .

Fineness Fun

Fineness fun is so fun we exercise and play games one of my favorite games were pine blast and bully tag were one person stud in side of the circle and one person stud on the out side and people made circle and the person in the inside tryed to get outto tag the person on the outside .

     THE END