8.2 Reflections #19 and #20

B. Kennedy


"The work of artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) has an unusual characteristic. His handwriting is a mirror image of normal handwriting."

I think Leonardo da Vinci would ask me to practice writing the letter "a" in a reflection and practice writing the sentence multiple times. Since I am right handed, it was difficult for me to write the sentence in reflection. I think mirror writing would seem more natural to Leonardo da Vinci because when you write, the left hand moves right to left.


"Give three examples from every day life of objects or situations that show or use reflections."

a.) If you were to cut the butterfly in half it would be the same on each side. So, if you flipped one side of the butterfly onto the other it would be the same. Meaning that this shows a reflection.

b.) This picture is an example of a reflection because the trees are reflected in the water and are still the same.

c.) This thermos is an example of a reflection. It shows reflection because if you cut it in half it would be the same on each side and if you flipped the sides onto each other they would be the same.

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