Visual Design Elements

points ; shows points
balance ; each side is equal


displays color ; each pencil is a different color
this shows contrast ;the blue in the back makes the red stand out and the red makes the blue stand out
this picture shows a message ; represents economy
emphasis ; this picture puts emphasis on the pink smiley face because it stands out for being a different color .
form ;its a 3D , solid figure .
harmony ; shows parts or combination of parts in a composition
shows lines creating a picture ,a type of hand .
pattern; shows a pattern of flowers
this picture shows proportion ;someone so small catching something so big
rhythm ; the waves of the water are in a specific pattern , constantly , not changing
space; you are getting 2 illusiions in one , with plenty of space in between
symmetry; if you split this picture in half it will be the exact same on both sides
shape; a star inside of a circle
texture ;this texture looks rough
unity; multiple things uniting to show a message
value; shows the value and different meaning of the picture vs when it has color and when it does not.
balance: each side is equal
mass; you can see the weight by looking at the object

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