Lord of The Flies: Cultural Assumption #3

I've finished my Book already and I've noticed that leadership plays a big part I the story. This shows the Cultural Assumption that leaders have the authority to control the actions of others. The two leaders Ralph and Jack are in charge of the island. Jack is in charge of the hunters and Ralph is the Chief of the island.

An example of leadership is when Ralph blows the conch to call for a meeting. All the kids come to the sound of the conch to have meetings and discuss what will they do to survive. Ralph becomes like an adult and tells the boys to build huts and find food. He also instructs Jack to form a group of hunters to find meat.

Another example of leadership is jack leading the group of hunters and his own tribe, splitting away from Ralph's. Jack becomes a fearsome leader and starts to despise Ralph when he orders him what to do. By the end of the book Jacks leadership is ferocious. He sneaks up to Ralphs camp and starts to beat them up. Ralph is confused as why they did this but Piggy responds that they stole his Glasses. Ralph is shocked by this as Piggy's glasses are the only way to start a fire.

I personally believe that a good leader like Ralph is what they need on the island but jacks influence on others is a bad example of leadership. I believe that no leader should be like Jack.

Leadership was a big influence in the 1950's as it kept countries sustainable. Leadership plays a big role in the world today and back in the 1950's. William Golding encourages this Assumption saying that bad leadership can tear down a group of boys or even countries.

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3 years ago

Great work! I am really staring to get an image of what is happening in this book and I think you have explained your assumption very well, you could improve this further by using more quotes from the text. I like that you have told me what you thought about it but I do believe that you could talk about the author more. I would love to see the elements of the novel and the language techniques displayed more throughout the post as I think this will help you to explain the authors view and make a more obvious image about the what the book is about. I think you have done a great job and am intrigued to find out more!