Rethinking Schools

No matter where or when the photograph was taken, you can always recognise a classroom! The current Educational System has been the only paradigm in Education since schools were conceived. But, do you know WHEN and WHY schools were created?

Think about this for two minutes with your group. What was society like when schools were created? What were the needs of students? If you have to compare the school with something else, what does a school look like today?

Ready? Ok! Now you can watch this video:

Did you know the song? Who's the author? When was it written?

Group talk (One of you will be the writer of the group)

Why was the song chosen? How is it connected to Sir Ken Robinson's idea? What images shocked you? Why, do you think, students are marching in lines? And why do they all have those alienated faces? What does the metaphor of the meat mincer represent?

Why do students make a revolution at the end of the song?

How can we make a decent revolution?

The 21st Century School

We need to change the paradigms of the educational system. For that, you need to think about a couple of points.

- Discuss what is the current socio-economic context in which you are being educated.         - What skills will be helpful for your future life? How can schools be reorganised to meet your needs?

Watch this:

Did you think about these skills? Do you agree with them? Which one would you add?

Which skills do you already have? Is the school helping you to get any of these skills? How can the 21st Century School help you to acquire the skills you need?

Hands on!

You have thought about old schools, current schools and their contexts and students. Now let's suggest a school system that works for the future.

Prepare a presentation where you include:

- A short description of our society.                                                                                                   - The needs and interests of students today.                                                                                                             - The skills that you need to acquire for the future.                                                                               - How schools should be organised, what subjects should students take, how the timetables should be selected, what tools could students use, and any other suggestion that you can give to turn schools into real 21st Century Schools.

Create a digital poster using Tackk, Glogster, or any other tool you find useful. Once your poster is ready, copy the link to our Facebook group so everyone in the class can see your ideas.

And remember: If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

So let's change schools! Pick up your netbook and write!

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