Last day of harvest

Nathan Ringwald

                     There once was a farm. It had 2 Cows 2 horses 2 pigs and a chicken and a bunny and last but not least a duck. Then there was a farmer and his three sons who had to help. It was mid summer 2014. The first thing they would do was have their morning meaning and then they would end they're meeting with a prayer. The second thing they had to was milk the cows and then farmer ted the youngest had to take the milk to the milk plant. The oldest/ the dad took the horses to a farm show in the morning from 9:00am to 10:00am.

           The third youngest/the oldest son and the middle son would service the combine the grain cart and the two trucks. Then at about 10:30am they would try to start cutting wheat. So they would take there s970 john Deere combine with duals to the field and there John Deere 7320 tractor and there kinze 850 grain cart with big floatation tires and their two lime green Pete 379 semi trucks with black Wilson grain trailers to the field. If they were able to cut they would cut.

So they pulled up to the field and the oldest farmer/dad turned on the combine and layer the header down and started to cut the monitor took a wile to start to register and then the moister monitor said it was 13.3 in moister. The wheat was making 97. So they started on there last field and they were half way down the square mile field when they got full so the grain cart drake into the ditch then the auger came out and turned on and into the grain cart the grain went. They we're don unloading when they got to the end of the field. By the time they got around the field once they had already got 2 truck loads.    By 12:00 they had cut 1/4 of the field. then the ladies brought lunch to them and they stayed cutting.

               By 8:00pm they had cut 28 truck loads and had about 5 minutes left. Five minutes later they finished and the grain cart unloaded into the truck. With there lights on they head home it was 10 miles away and they flyed down the road at a max speed of about 21 miles per hour. Thirty minutes later they arrive home and as they idled up the drive way the truck the load 36 minutes ago was coming up the drive way and they pulled there combine grain cart and trucks into the shed and left for the night.

The next morning they had there morning meeting and prayer. Then they milked the cows and then severed up there drill and went to fill up with beans and hen they went to plant there first field they cut this wheat season. And they went along there merry way. So that is how the last harvest day went for this farm. They had eventually found out they made 398 thousand dollars for the season.

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