3 survivors of two hurricanes

         Three different kids in two different hurricanes. The two hurricanes were hurricane Sandy and hurricane Katrina. Matt and Ariel were the ones in hurricane Sandy. Deamonte was the one in hurricane Katrina. These three kids became heroes because of the hurricanes

           Deamonte was six at the time of hurricane Katrina. He had five kids following him. Everyone one of them was holding hands as they followed Deamonte. When the people saw him they considerd him a hero. Deamonte later saw his mom down in Texas. He told her he would take care of his brother.

             Matt and Ariel were both in hurricane Sandy and they , but different things happend to them. Matt stayed with his family during the hurricane and helped the people he could. He even helped someone else's grandmother. On the other hand, Ariel left just a few hours before the hurricane struck. She helped the people of Rockaway by coming back and giving back to the people in need. She even used Facebook to help out from the hurricane.


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