How to revise and edit a short story!!

By-McKenna Swearingen, Allie Jo Owens,
Clarissa Rodriguez

Steps on how to revise and edit a short story:

Step 1- Underline


         Step 2 ~Varied Dialogue Tags

         Step 3  ~Add and make sure you have Transition Words

       Step 4  ~Make sure you have descriptive details

         Step 5 ~Make sure you have a Climax where the character changes

Include all stages of plot:

Exposition~ where the setting, characters, and the beginning of the conflict are introduced

Rising Action


Falling Actions

Resolution~ where the problem is solved

And most of all be.........


Final Products

McKenna Swearingen




                                                         The Growing Vine

It was about 11:00 at night and in a rickety old house Allice was still up reading her book. She was slowly drifting to sleep and trying to keep her heavy eyes open. “I need to finish this chapter”, she mumbled. Five minutes later she was deeply asleep. Reading was what occupied Allice while her parents were away, she missed them and she was sad she had to learn to live on her own. Suddenly the book started to glow.

It glowed, then dimed, then glowed again this time very brightly. Meanwhile Allice was still asleep. A green vine started to grow from the spine of the open book. It found Allice’s ankle and twirled around it then gripped it tightly. Then it went up to her neck. Allice’s eyes flickered open, just as she was about to scream the plant gagged her. Allice’s dog started barking like crazy but it was a bark of worry. Zack (her neighbor) woke up annoyed, “Why won’t Allice’s stupid dog shut up!?” he huffed still half asleep. He was tired and had had a long day.

Suddenly Zack heard a muffled scream. He sat straight up in bed, eyes wide open. Worried look on his face he shoved on his sneakers and sprinted next door. Zack had never been to Allice’s house before and he had never thought of it. He had a crush on her so he thought it would be weird. The door was locked, “Dang it!” he murmured under his breath. He ran to the nearest window but tripped over a rock and fell. “I’ll throw the rock!” he exclaimed. Sorry window he thought as pieces of glass shattered over the ground. He stepped through the window, “What the heck?” he said surprised.

Zack’s eyes landed on Allice consumed in the vine. She looked at him begging him with her eyes to free her. He crossed the room in 2 steps and tried to rip the vine, “It won’t tear” he said disappointed “knife!” Allice pointed with her finger (that wasn’t consumed in plant) to the door. He ran to the kitchen, “Knife…knife”, he repeated under his breath. He started opening drawers and rummaging through them. “Knife!” he shouted running back to the room he cut the plant of her mouth. Allice gasped for breath. Then Zack cut the vine coming from the book. It stopped and turned brown, “Dead as a doornail”, Zack said smiling.

“Oh my gosh”, Allice said relieved, “thank you so much!” She jumped up and hugged him right there. “You’re welcome,” he said, “it was actually your dog he started barking like mad.” “Well without you I would be dead as a doornail” she said and they both started laughing. “Um, well would you like to spend the night, you know, just in case it starts growing again?” “Why not?” asked Zack. “Do you need anything?” asked Allice “No, I’m good thanks though.” Allice and Zack (both trying to stay awake) thought about their adventures. Allice thought about how she would be dead without Zack. Zack was still awake too recalling the memory, “This one’s a keeper” he said smiling.

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