Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

D. Zaleski

Telephone- 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was significant because it gave a way to communicate quickly to others. Literally everybody could use and it was easy and helped the military especially with communication.

Gasoline engine- 1876

Nicholas Otto

The gasoline engine made it more practical to travel long distances and made it easier and cheaper to go from one place to another.


Thomas Edison

The lightbulb changed life by making work not stop at dusk they would just keep working, Less fires in homes because of no candles, bankrupt the candle businesses but also made more electricity factories for jobs.


John Milne

This invention was very important because it was able to tell people where a earthquake would hit. This lead to fewer deaths of natural disasters in the world.

Motion pictures-1895

Louis and Auguste Lumiere

This invention was important to provide entertainment to the people. Back then they didn't have what we have now and making motion pictures added to the things they could do for fun.

Automatic dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane

This invention was very helpful in society, it made cleaning dishes much easier than hand washing. This invention was even so good it's basic design is still used today.


Christopher Sholes

This invention helped tremendously with writing letters.  It made it easier and faster to send a letter to like a friend or co-worker.  So instead of having to handwrite every letter neatly you could just type it fast like i'm doing now.


Wilbur and Orville Wright

This invention is probably the most famous of them all the airplane. Yeah you might be thinking, ohhh they didn't really invent it Leonardo da Vinci, but really they achieved first flight. This helped make travel much faster in the world.


Thomas Edison

This invention was used to communicate before the telephone. It gave people a way to here their loved ones even if they were dead or not there at the moment.

sewing machine-1844

Thomas Saint

This invention changed the way clothes were made and allowed the mass production of clothing. Before women would make all of the clothes for their families. Only the very wealthy could afford to have a tailor or seamstress make clothing for them.

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