Mario Music Memary

W.C Handy

When William Christopher Handy was growing up he lived in a log cabin in Alabama. He got homeless lost everything but he found a man one day and asked him if he could do a little singing. The little boy had a job trying to get money to buy him a good guitar. One day a musician walk up to the boy and ask him if he could sell his old battered cornet for 1.75 he said yes. Throughout his school days, William played in a band and sang in a quartet.

William Christopher Handy is known as father of the blues because he was the very first person to start and send the blues to a company. The way he made his music made him the father of the blues. He increased the blues by his creation of the Memphis Blues. The why he was noticed was by his band and publish company. In his song’s have sad fillings, funny fillings,follow a pattern,notes which ones are flatted or slurred. Handy published ST.LOUIS BLUES immediately and it went viral he made 4,000 dollars on it.

I think W.C. is a great man and he worked hard to get money for his family. He tried his best and got what he deserved his life.It started at homeless to grateness he never gave up. So he accomplished his goal and lived as a legend. What i think about the blues is i don't really like it because it not my type of music i am familiar to rap, pop, and other stuff.  

Carl Orff

  • Orff began with rhythm as a basic movement
  • Orff made a school for children that what to learn music
  • Orff 's school got destroyed during world war 2
  • Orff had 4 wife's
  • Orff took his last breath in 1987      

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