Internet safety

1. Think before you post

You need to think ," do i want every one to see this". And if you post it just to let you know every body, and I mean every body will see, it even your parents and your teachers will see it.

If you see a message from some one that you don't know don't answer it. And you need to report is or safe it and show it to your parents or a adult you trust.

2. Ignore strangers
3. Don't share any thing

Don't share your password or your username, don't even share it with your best friend. If you do then they might tell some body to get popular and then you can get hacked by somebody that could tell or post lies about you on the internet.

Always use a different username in every account you make. Some thing made up that doesn't explain where you live or any information about your self.

4. Use different user names
5. Don't post anything that might affect to you

Don't post anything  dumb or something that might affect you, Because if you do then you could get grounded or even get kicked off the foot ball team. For example if your a teenager and your in a party with drinks in a red cup people are going to think badly  about you.

By: Christopher Ramirez

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