EL Capitan Library Newsletter
Fall in love, go on an adventure, discover magic...Read a book!

The Library

  • Students can work on homework. We have every course textbook available to use in the library.
  • Students can recommend a good book to other readers by placing a book of your choice in our “Reader’s Choice” section in the library.
  • Students can check out a Barnes N’ Noble Nook to read eBooks. There are 8 Nooks with different genres of books on each Nook.
  • Students can find a good book in every section because the El Cap Library Aides have selected books they would recommend to other teens.
  • Students can download free eBooks and read them on your computer, mobile devices, and eReaders. Just download an app like RedLaser and scan the code.
  • Students can watch Book Trailers on Youtube to see what the book is about.

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