Cell Phones (Ultra High Frequency Radio Waves)

Cade Smelley

Cell phones use radio waves called Ultra High frequency Waves. They can have health risks when absorbed by body tissue and can reduce hearing. Frequencies between about 30 kHz and 300 GHz are common for cell phones and other communication methods. They have a low broadcasting range and need towers to relay the waves to other phones.

The radio waves are sent from a transmitter in the phone to a radio tower, where they open a line and search globally for the other phone and allow you to speak. Cell towers are generally 10-15 miles apart are the way the waves move across the country or the globe. If you are in the back seat of a moving car or train (not driving!) the signal can switch between towers as you move. The other phone will recieve this wave.

Fun Facts About Cell Phones and EM Waves

1. Cell phones and there ultra high frequency radio waves have been found to cause brain tumors and hearing loss.

2. 91% of Americans own a cell phone and 81% send texts regularly.

3. More than 180 million iPhones have been sold to date.

4. Texting was introduced to some phones 21 years ago

Children are more at risk to cell phone radiation!

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