needs to stop

Kids who are bullied can feel they are unpopular, different, alone, and depressed.

Kids who bully others want to copy their friends, or they might think it makes them fit in.

Students who are bullied have a hard time standing up for themselves, They think the kid who is bullying them is more powerful than they are.

Thesis Statement: Bullying is a major world wide problem and it needs to stop.

Facts: Bullying can happen in three different ways.

-Cyber bullying



Cyber Bullying Happens through the Internet

Verbal can happen anywhere

Physical happens when there is violence

Bullying can sometimes cause depression that can lead to suicide in some cases.


Most people who bully do it out of anger, depression, or sometimes them getting bullied themselves.


One very effective way to stop bullying is to teach and educate students about bullying at home.This helps them see how destructive and depressive it can be in a persons life.

Another way to stop bullying is at school. Teachers can educate students since day one and show them the effects of bullying.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to get bullied, so why not stop now?

Don't be the one to cause students like this to be depressed. Don't promote bullying. address it.




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