Research Tools

While books still serve a purpose, there are great FREE online tools to help you with your research projects!


Databases are like giant filing cabinets that store magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, as well as podcasts, images, videos, links to relevant websites, and sometimes even e-books. The best part about them is they aren't blocked by the district, are already checked for accuracy, and are from known and trusted sources. Plus, they have lots of cool features that do the work for you!

Start by going to  Then go to Bookmarks for Research Secondary.

Log-in like you are logging into a computer. It will look like you are logging into SchoolWeb. If it asks if you wish to enroll, click yes.

Once you are in, it should look like this.

Each database has a password. They give it to you on the homepage, so you don't have to ask what it is!

You can either do a search and look through all the databases, or choose a specific database to search.

Pick the article you want just like you're picking a website on Google. It's that easy!

EasyBib ( allows you to copy and paste where you found information, and then BAM!- your citation is ready for you to pasts into your document, presentation, etc. So easy!