XL Axiata Record Net Loss Rp901 M

JAKARTA - PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) until the end of the third quarter of this year recorded a net loss of Rp107 billion Rp901,24 per share.

While in the same period last year, the company posted a net profit of Rp917 billion, or 107 per share. The report published in the company's financial disclosure Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Wednesday (10/29/2014) shows that the net loss due to rising loads and operating loss.

By the end of September of the year of income which grew 10.94% to Rp17,54 trillion from the same period last year Rp15,81 trillion, corporate expenses increased by 20.08% to Rp17.4 trillion trillion Rp14,49 .

The increase in the weight of the load contributed infrastructure rose to Rp6,28 Rp4,38 trillion trillion, depreciation expense increased to Rp4.6 trillion from Rp4.2 trillion, salaries and employee benefits become Rp882,55 billion from Rp707 billion.

In addition to that, amortization rose Rp570 billion from Rp84,19 billion.

Nevertheless, the company successfully reduced interconnection charges and other direct expenses to Rp2.6 trillion from Rp2,86 trillion, sales and marketing expenses decreased to Rp1,01 trillion from Rp1.04 trillion.

Other expenses are also reduced to Rp75,3 billion of Rp102,81 billion. The operating loss reached 884.86% to Rp1,21 trillion compared to the third quarter of last year amounted to Rp122,86 billion.

While the amount of assets of the company at the end of last month stood at Rp57,88 trillion, with total debt Rp43,91 trillion. The amount is increased compared to last year, in which the assets of the company amounted to Rp40,28 trillion, with total debt Rp24,98 trillion.

This afternoon XL shares closed down 4.78% to Rp275 or Rp5.475 compared to yesterday's closing level of Rp 5 days. 4750 per share.

SOURCE: XL Axiata Axis Capital Group Jakarta Telecom Review PT Indonesia

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