List Of Group I Belong In

Group I belong in:

(1) music freak

(2) car freaks

(3) student

(4) energy drinker

(5) being a brother

(6) sports

I'm a car freak. I love car from looks to sound to the speed. I grew up with cars. When I was 3 all the way to today I still love cars. Whenever I'm in the car I'll play I spy with myself and look for them. I guess I got this from my uncles them. They will always talk about them. So I guess it's in the family. I'm also an energy drinker. I know it's bad for me but it just a feeling it gave me. I'll always buy a lot of of them and it won't even last me two days. My favorite drink of them is monster. I like the logo of them, and it the only one that will last me. I also got it from my uncles and cousin they got me into it. So these are two of the tribes I'm in.

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