The Iroquois Group
By Blair Hooker

Iroquois Men.

The Iroquois men hunted deer, bear, caribou, and smaller animals like rabbits and beaver. They were also, warriors who protected the community.

Iroquois Women.

The Iroquois women owned the dwellings, gathered wild plants, and grew crops. They also, cooked, made baskets, pottery, storage baskets, and took care of the children.

Iroquois children.

Iroquois children typically did not have a formal education, but were taught alongside of their mother's (if they were girls) and their father's/uncles (if they were boys). Children were taught to be strong and brave, to never complain, to walk quietly, and always to be obedient.


The regions of the Iroquois.

The Iroquois lived in moderate area of the boarder of the United States and Canada. Most of the land had rich and fertile soil for growing crops and farming, and was very ideal for sustaining many families and ecosystems, which gave them a huge leap in terms of agriculture.

Some of the lands to the Northwest were rocky and rough. Also, due to the rocky ranges in the Northwest grounds, the lands to the South were very dry. The lands to the East were forest ranges, The most important are for the Iroquois were the forest ranges to the East, providing them with big and small games for food and hunting. Woods and other critical resources for living, and the grounds to build shelters.


Food that the Iroquois crew

The "three sisters" were the main foods of the Iroquois. They were corn, beans, and squash. They used small wooden spades to make mounds of soil and then poked 9-10 holes in each mound into which they planted seeds. Corn was braided, along with squash and then was hung from the ceiling. Meat and fish was often smoked inside the houses. Vegetables like beans were dried and kept in dark containers with thick lids. Stored dried food in clay pots that were lined with bark to keep mice out.


One of the weapons used to kill wild animals were bows.

Some of the weapons and tools used were the war club, the lance, the bow and arrow, and the tomahawk.

The war club is essentially the Iroquois version of the mace, with a few variations. Usually it was a simple wooden ball affixed to a length of wood however, there may have been a few with a spike jutting out the ball itself.

The lance, aka, a spear, was used for fishing as its use as a tool. It was made of of wood and stone. During wartime the lance could be thrown, giving the Iroquois a medium ranged weapon.

The bow and arrow was used for hunting game in its use as a tool and much like Europeans they used it successfully in wartime. The bow was made out of wood and animal hide. The arrows were made out of wood and shaped stone.

The tomahawk was the most famous native weapon. As a weapon it was devestatingly effective hand to hand weapon that could lop hands and to be buried into skulls. This weapon could also be, and probably was, thrown into the backs of retreating enemies.


Iroquois lived in longhouses.

Villages called longhouses were surrounded by wooden fences for protection. They were built by wooden poles and covered with sheets of bark. The longhouses were 150-200 feet long and housed a dozen families.

They Iroquois lived in Clans- are groups of related families.


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