Tourism: Travel Agency and Front Office

First Year (2015-2016)

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      Theme 1:  Dressed for Success
Theme 2: Front Office           

At the end of this period I can:

  • Introduce myself and others
  • Describe the different jobs in this branche
  • Describe what the term "Dressed for Success" means
  • Spell names
  • Name dates, numbers, days and months
  • Use demonstrative pronouns
  • Apply a basic general and vocational vocabulary
  • Present a capital city in Europe
  • Represent an area or city in the Netherlands at the Tourist Information Fair

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Assignment 1: Presentation/workshop at the Parents' Evening.

  • Present myself and describe several jobs in English (to be organised and performed in pairs or groups of maximum 3 people)

Assignment 2: Choose a capital city in Europe.

  • Research the history, cultural aspects, hot spots, low and high budget accommodation and means of transportation.
  • Create a brochure with valuable information as well as a workshop in which I involve my classmates
  • I can book my workshop with either Abel or Annemieke as well as hand in my brochure.

Deadline for both assignments: 16 October


  • There will be a test on 2 October about Reader Topics: a/an, there/ their/ they're, Much/ many/ a lot, few/ a little, this/that/these/those, singular versus plural, numbers (see Reader Topics)......and the basic vocabulary
  • Workshop about Reader Topics on 29 September (given by Annemieke) I can attend the workshop at 8.45-9.15, 9.30-10.00, 10.30-11.00, 11.15-11.45. They will all be the same.
  • Before or after the workshop I can work on assignment 2. Abel will be available for questions and assistance.
  • There are no lessons in the Language Centre on Tuesday, October 27 and Friday, October 30 due to exams.

Period 2  

Theme 3: Travel Agency
Theme 4: Aviation           

At the end of this period I can:

  • Give a sales pitch about an area/city in the Netherlands.(on film)
  • Present the location, history, culture and the tourist attractions of this area/city.
  • Apply the vocabulary I looked up in preparation for this presentation.
  • Use the Simple Present and present continuous correctly
  • Give information and make recommendations in a Travel Agency setting
  • Describe the job of a flight attendent

Assignment 1: Create a promotional film about my area/city of choice with preferably one or two partner(s). (between 5 and 7 minutes) Deadline: December 8

Assigment 2: Choose a topic of interest (hobby, sport, curiosity)for which I will gather information in English and present in front of at least 5 classmates. Deadline: December 15

Assignment 3: Look up the requirements for becoming a flight attendant. Write down my expectations of the job ( positive and negative) and if it would be the perfect job for me. Is so, why? Deadline: December 15

See criteria for assignment 2 below:

  • No shorter than 2 and longer than 5 minutes
  • I will use keywords and visual aids. NO READING
  • I will involve my audience as much as possible

    Note: There will be a test on the vocabulary (intermediate level), Simple Present and Present Continuous on 4 December.

    There will  be workshops (in preparation for the test) on Friday, November 27 and Tuesday, December 1.

    The Progress review conversations with one of your teachers are on 10,13, 17 and 20 November. (see lists in classroom)

Assignments for 5, 8, 12 and 15 January:

  • TOA test reading and listening (each test must be completed in approximately one hour). Ask your teacher or Pete for a code.
  • Write a paper (A4) about my Christmas holidays: what I did, ate, movies I saw, concerts or parties I went to, what Christmas means to me, New Year's resolutions, etc.
  • For those who had an insufficient grade for the intermediate level vocabulary Tourism (or who missed the test) there will be a retry on 2 February. (see button below for the vocabulary)

Deadline for the TOA tests to be finished and written assignment to be handed in on January 15.

There will be no lessons in the Language Centre on 19 and 22 January due to exams.

Period 3   

Theme: Focus on Internship

By the end of this period I can:

  • Check in and out in English
  • Reflect upon my progress in the course on paper and in a dialogue with my teacher in the English language. (Only for level 4 students starting their internship)
  • Have a basic sales conversation or take a reservation
  • Make an inventory of the guest's wishes, make notes, check them in, give information and direction
  • Professionally welcome and be of service to guests at bungalow parks, hotels and campgrounds

Assignment 1: Checking in. Find a partner to create a role play with. One of you works at the front office of a hotel. The other one plays the guest. The guest checks in and asks for information in and around the hotel. You choose the location. Deadline: 9 February

Assignment 2: Checking out. Same criteria as assignment 1. Deadline23 February

      • Click on the buttons below for helphul phrases and questions
      • Think of a name for your hotel or campground
      • Rehearse the conversation with your partner before you present in front of your teacher and several classmates
      • Invite at least 4 classmates to your role play
      • Receive feedback from your teacher and classmates and apply this during your second role play

Assignment 3: The Travel Agency. Watch the video below as many times as you like or need. Explain on paper which skills/qualifications are  needed to be a succesful Travel Consultant. (use at least 300 words) Deadline:15 March

Assignment 4: (only for level 4 students) Reflect upon your development as a first year Tourism student (about 300 written words) and discuss this with your teacher. Deadline 22 March

Enrichment classes:

Great Thinkers and Theories

For those students who are considering Higher Professional Education and/or like to be challenged at a more academic level, they can sign up for the course "Great Thinkers and Theories" on Friday morning. Starts on 5 February

This course will be offered every Friday morning from 10.15 till 11.45. You can work on  your other English assignments on Tuesday morning. This course will be extra but within your Language Centre time.

The Reading Club

  • Every Tuesday morning  
  • Period 3 and 4
  • From 9.00 till 9.30 and from 10.30 till 11.00
  • B1 level reading material with questions
  • Room 3.02
  • If you prefer to read on your own you may choose one of the texts from the reading dossier Travel.
  • For each text, you create five questions with multiple choice answers. Hand them in for feedback. The best questions will be added to the dossier.

Period 4  

Theme: Enriched learning

At the end of this period I can:

  • Use the situations of my internship to increase my fluency, vocabulary and determine what I need to further improve my English for the work field.
  • Think of a topic and create my own case for which I will read, listen, write, speak and converse in English. I will either present my case to at least three of my classmates or give a workshop about my case and involve others.
  • Reflect upon my development as a first-year student in writing, followed by a dialogue with my teacher in the English language.
  • Read and listen on a higher level by practicing a lot. I can check my progress by requesting another TOA practice test for readign and listening.

Assignment 1: Choose a topic, create a case for which I will read, listen, write, speak and converse in English. Present your topic to at least 3 classmates and my teacher. I will register the sources I used in my portfolio.

Assignment 2: Reflect upon my development as a first year student ( approximately 300 words) and discuss this with my teacher during my portfolio evaluation .

Assignment 3: TOA reading and Listening A2-B1 level. Ask my teacher for the score and document it in my portfolio. (only for those who haven't done a TOA yet)

Assignment 4: Writing an email in English. Send a mail to an English hotel in which I ask for information concerning: availability during the Christmas season for a party of eight, wheelchair accessibility, a baby crib, entertainment options for young and old in the surrounding area. I can hand in a practice email for feedback. The writing test will be on 19 April.

Important dates:

  • 29 March: Work on the assignments. Give presentations. (assignment 1)
  • 5 April: No lessons because of exam week.
  • 12 April: Workshop: How to write an email in English at 9.00 and 10.30. Give presentations (assignment 1)
  • 19 April: Writing exam: Writing an email in English. Give presentations (assignment 1)
  • 26 April and 3 May: May break
  • 10 May: Work on the portfolio. All the assignments and/or feedback need to be in there. Once your portfolio is on order, you make an appointment with your teacher for 17 or 24 May. (15 minutes per person)
  • 17 and 24 May: portfolio evaluations with recommendations for next year.
  • 31 May: Recommendations for the next school year will be sent to your coaches

Questions or remarks? Please send me a message.