Educational Apps for the K-12 Classroom

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fun and easy to use video sharing website which provides access to a milieu of content specific educational videos. The website is geared towards secondary students, but can provide a wealth of information for students of all ages, especially those who are interested in delving further into content specific material.

Khan Academy can be located on iTunes as well as their website at the above link.

Here is a TED talk on Khan Academy, which provides an enlightening introduction to the app and its versatility:



Quizlet is a self quizzing website which allows users to create flashcards and quizzes. This allows both students and teachers to gauge their grasp of material and can serve multiple purposes including studying, self quizzing and formative testing.

Quilt can be found in a variety of places including iTunes, Android store and their website above


Dictionary is a 100% free app, which allows students, educators and users the ability to research the definition of a variety of words. It acts as an electronic dictionary and is 100% mobile. Dictionary can be used by teachers in a variety of ways. A teacher could have students research the meaning of words, have students pick out words that they did not know of, and have the class routinely educated on new words and their meanings.

Dictionary can be found on the iTunes app store or on Android platforms.


N+Otes is a free app which allows students to manipulate virtual paper in a manner similar to real paper. Students can turn pages, make notes on pages and save their pages for future reference. N+otes offers a new way to interact with mobile technology and can benefit students from all disciplines and backgrounds. The functionality embedded in this technology is endless. Not only does it save trees, but also benefits students who may be impaired or may require the use of assistive technology. Following the guidelines of UDL, this tool benefits a variety of students and can be used in a variety of different ways including a talk to text option!

N+otes can be found on iTunes.

Animal ABC 3D

Animal ABC 3D is a fun educational tool which is geared towards elementary students. Dedicated to get students comfortable with the alphabet, Animal ABD 3D provides moving pictures and fun colours to get students engaged and excited about using and learning the alphabet. It also provides visual images of animals and connects the alphabet with pictures of animals so that students can better remember the letter associated with the animal. In the elementary classroom, this can be used to familiarize students with the alphabet.

Animal ABC 3D is available on iTunes or Android and costs around .99 cents.

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