Duane Wardell - Houston Database Programmer and Analyst

An accomplished IT professional who has lived and worked in Houston for more than 25 years, Duane Wardell has 17 years of experience in the fields of Oracle and INGRES database administration. He is currently certified as an Oracle 7 database administrator through the Educational Testing Service and has completed Oracle educational programs in architecture/startup and V6/V7 database administration. Over the course of his career, Duane Wardell has served as a technical team leader with Electronic Data Systems, a senior Oracle database administrator with Hermann Hospital, and a database administration practice leader with Esoftsolutions.

While with Esoftsolutions, Duane Wardell advised and supported six different high-tech companies including National Semiconductor in Dallas, Texas, and Gradepoint, Inc., in Detroit, Michigan. He most recently served six years with the Information Systems Division of Houston’s Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS). Mr. Wardell joined MHHS as a lead database programmer/analyst and left the organization as a certified/consultant database programmer/analyst.

National Service Programs at Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

A certified consultant and database analyst in the information systems division of the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS), Duane Wardell holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Wayne State University in Detroit. During his time as an undergraduate, Duane Wardell was a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, one of the oldest African American collegial organizations in the United States.

Over the years, Alpha Phi Alpha has sponsored a broad range of community outreach initiatives at chapters across the country. Since 1922, Alpha Phi Alpha has mentored young students in its Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College program, which stresses the importance of finishing high school and obtaining a college education. The organization also uses its Project Alpha initiative to teach young males about teen pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Another program, started in the 1930s, A Voteless People is a Hopeless People (VPHP), initially set out to combat discriminatory voting practices such as poll taxes and voter intimidation. Today, the VPHP program concentrates on political awareness and the empowerment of African American voters.

The Championship Success of the Detroit Pistons

Duane Wardell most recently served as a programmer and analyst with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston. A former longtime longtime resident of Detroit, Duane Wardell remains an avid Detroit Pistons fan.

The franchise now known as the Detroit Pistons was founded in 1941 as the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons. At first a member of the National Basketball League, where it won championships in 1944 and 1945, and then the Basketball Association of America, it joined the National Basketball Association when the league formed in 1949. The Pistons went on to reach the NBA Finals in 1955 and 1956 but lost each time.

The Pistons moved to Detroit for the 1957-1958 season and would not earn a place in the finals again for another 30 years. After losing in the 1988 NBA Finals, the Isiah Thomas-led “Bad Boy” Pistons, so named for their rough, physical play, won back-to-back championships in 1989 and 1990.

While the Pistons remained a consistent part of the NBA playoff picture throughout the 90s and early 2000s, the team did not achieve the championship success of the Bad Boys. In 2003, the franchise hired Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown, who in his first year took the Pistons to the NBA Finals, where they beat the favored Lakers to win their most recent championship.

The Pistons have not made the playoffs since 2009, but many experts believe the franchise has a bright future with young star Andre Drummond and new coach Stan Van Gundy.

Detroit Pistons Mobile App Keeps Fans Connected

Over nearly two decades in the information technology sector, Duane Wardell focused on Oracle and INGRES database administration and managed major software development initiatives. Outside of his professional endeavors, Duane Wardell pursues his interest in basketball as a youth coach and a fan of the Detroit Pistons.

By downloading the free Detroit Pistons mobile application, Pistons fans can easily stay up-to-date on everything involving the team whenever and wherever they want. Available on Apple and Android devices, the app allows fans to receive breaking-news updates, stream Pistons TV telecasts, and watch game-reaction footage. To learn more about the team, fans can use the app to review player bios, which include such content as updated stats and in-game action shots.

Other features of the app enable access to Pistons promotions and VIP experiences, including seat upgrades, concessions, and merchandise. Within the app, fans can even purchase tickets using the interactive game schedule.

Gaining Basic Skills As an Oracle Database Administrator

Duane Wardell is a respected database programmer and analyst who has worked with various clients such as the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and Esoftsolutions, Inc. Knowledgeable in diverse aspects of database administration, Duane Wardell has extensive experience with Oracle products and systems.

Becoming competent as an Oracle database administrator (DBA) is a lengthy process that begins for many with earning Oracle Certified Professional certification. Not the same as real world experience, this does provide a minimum level of competency that gets professionals in the door and interviewing with companies.

Another aspect of a career as DBA involves gaining experience on a diversity of operating systems. In order to accomplish this, many aspirants use an Oracle VirtualBox designed to provide familiarity with various systems in a safe, virtualized environment. One approach is to create virtual machines spanning a number of Linux distributions that naturally leads to gaining in-depth familiarity with Linux and UNIX platforms. This is a particularly critical skill set for those who began programming on Windows.

With this base of knowledge in place, more advanced tasks can be attempted. These may include installations of features such as Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for simplifying administration of Oracle-related files and Real Application Clusters (RAC) for clustering Oracle databases.

Top Amusement Parks in the United States

A computer science graduate from Wayne State University, Duane Wardell has worked as a database administrator and systems developer for over two decades. A fan of the outdoors, Duane Wardell enjoys traveling to amusement parks.

Amusement parks are a great place to take the whole family. Here are three of the best amusement parks in the United States:

1 Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Located in San Antonio and known for being the park with the most rollercoasters in the United States, Six Flags has every type of rollercoaster imaginable. The Twisted Colossus, its premier attraction, combines jaw-dropping elements such as a slow down when the train is upside down and a Zero G Roll, all in four thrilling minutes.

2 Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Located in Orlando, Florida, this park is associated by many with the world of Harry Potter. With numerous roller coasters and 3-D rides, the park has a robust nightlife with plenty of restaurants, all serving the non-alcoholic wizardry drink butterbeer.

3 Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Indiana

A family-themed park replete with enchanting water attractions, Holiday World park has four roller coasters: The Voyage, The Raven, The Legend, and its most hypnotizing, Thunderbird. Its latest ride, Thunderbird has seats designed to hang far off the sides of the track and it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in an exhilarating 3.5 seconds.

Coaching Drills for Better Basketball Free Throw Shooting

Duane Wardell is a professional database administrator who has worked with companies including Oracle, Memorial Hermann Health System, and Esoftsolutions, Inc. A basketball coach for kids, Duane Wardell trains his players to be better free throw shooters.

Shooting free throws is one of the most fundamental basketball skills a player should have. While players may ace their free throw drills during practice, a problem comes up when the same players cannot perform as efficiently in an actual game. Coaches attribute this to various factors, one of them being the intense pressure during the heat of competition.

Because close games are usually won by the team which scores the most free throws, prepping your players for efficient shooting under pressure is the best way to ensure they keep scoring even when the heat is on.

Here are two drills that pile up the pressure during practice:

1 Plus/minus shooting

In this individual drill, the player goes up to the base line and starts at number 5. For every free throw made, the player subtracts one and for every miss the player adds one. The shooter's goal is to get to 1. As the player’s efficiency progresses, the coach can increase the punishment for missing, say to plus two or three, or increase the starting number to seven or eight.

2 Baseline free throws

A team drill, the coach splits players into two groups, one on each rim, and has each of them make free throws one-by-one. The goal can either be to get the highest number of shots in a specific time or to make a certain number of shots in a row. For every miss made, the group’s players do a drill such as the up-and-back.

Vinyl Is Back in a Big Way

Information technology professional Duane Wardell possesses two decades of experience in database administration, with a particular emphasis on Oracle and Ingres systems. Outside of his technical work, Duane Wardell loves to grab his LPs and mix music the old-school way.

After nearly three decades, vinyl records are making a major comeback in the music world. The surge in popularity is primarily thanks to younger music lovers, many of whom were born well after CDs and even MP3 players were standard. Whether they are mixing music at a club or listening at home, old school vinyl is a new favorite for many.

As a result of this trend, vinyl-pressing plants are experiencing a resurgence as well. A dozen or so have cropped up across the nation, responding to the increase in demand. Most of these companies are working at full capacity, cranking out hundreds of thousands of vinyl records a year. In fact, many are so consistently busy that they haven’t spent a dime on advertising.