Summer a time of relaxing and just simply having fun here are four fun summer activities.

The first summer activity is to go see a drive in movie!!!!!!! They are super cheap and really fun. You can see a drive in movie with about as many people that you can fit into your car.

Another thing you can do in the summer is just go to the beach. All you need is a towel bathing suit and sunscreen. Its a really easy way to get out of your house and just have fun in the sun.

Want to spend some time with your family? Then just simply go to the closest park and have a picnic. You can eat a nice lunch and play some out door games and just get everyone off their devices.

The last summer activity is a little bit more pricy but it is definitely super fun! Go to an amusement park!!!!!!! It is super fun and thrilling. If your not for the rides then you can go a water park most amusement parks have a water parks in them.  

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