Dubai's a Family Destination

Dubai's economy might have declined, but its theme parks and resorts make it a repeatedly popular place for winter family vacations. Now Dubai is rising up again. The Emirate’s unbelievable boom came to end within a burst property bubble in 2008. It was said that bankers were deserting their Ferrari's at the airport; you can see the constructions left stranded in between.

But now things are looking good and advancing. The flights coming to Dubai are virtually full. There were over 500 people staying in our hotel along with their Kids. The Dubai, UAE is six hours flying time from Britain, and hardly inexpensive one has to use Dubai Visa. Then also flights are full just because Dubai’s status for stress-free, Family Tourism has certainly not faded. Our hotel looks like have accommodated about half a million children in it because it was big sufficiently that it could swallow them effortlessly.

To ease our journey we Traveled To Dubai by Emirates in Economy but the package gave us more than the economy, unlimited entertainment of TV, music and Video Games. The Dubai International Airport is shining and well-organized. We sited men and women wearing traditional clothing which are hiding their features were our first encounter with the middle-eastern culture.

We booked our accommodation at JA Resorts Palm Tree Court Hotel which is on the beach and having several swimming pools. The two of the many restaurants had diverse buffets, so there was no line up when an empty stomach child suddenly out of energy needed some chips.

For travelers, this city of Emirates is a fun theme park with lots of diversion. We didn’t see 1 true local in a week of seeing around. Our next stop was a “Desert Safari” where the friendly driver was from Yemen and the evening entertainment was performed by an eye-catching belly dancer who might, for all we could tell, have come from Lincolnshire.

We got entertained at every step in Dubai just because in time we have applied and got Dubai Tourist Visa.