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Dubai Tour Packages – The Perfect Destination For An Ideal Holiday

Dubai, the name in itself brings in an overview of ultimate architecture, busy life, admirable lifestyle of people and most importantly shopping centers. One cannot get enough of Dubai, but in case if you are on a holiday trip and wish to make the most; then here is a list of must-visit places while you are in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest building in the world. Ever since its launch, the tower has gained maximum amount of tourist attraction. Taking into account the kind of architecture, the tower is also called as the Jewel of Dubai. Burj Khalifa now occupies an important place in almost all Dubai tour packages.

Palm Jumeirah

Do you wish to get lost into a world of fantasy? Then, Palm Jumeirah is your answer. One among the three planned man made islands, Palm Jumeirah offers visitors to indulge in various activities such as shopping, luxurious beach resorts that offer high-class features of accommodation. One another added attraction is the theme parks inside the archipelago.

Dubai Museum

In case you are a great lover of architecture and love to explore the artistic beauty of the city, then your answer lies inside the Dubai Museum. The museum takes you back to the time when Dubai was completely traditional in its practices. Ancient instrument along with handcrafted weapons that is exhibited and protected using the latest technology highlights a complete blend of tradition and contemporary ideas.

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

In case you have kids and wish to give them a perfect holiday experience, then your ideal choice for the day is Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo. Meeting the dolphins, scuba diving or swimming with the sharks can be a life-changing adventure. Such kind of experiences shall be possible only if you choose the aquarium in your Dubai tour packages.

Desert convention Centre

The golden sand as they are commonly called! Yes, the desert convention is the main attraction in almost all the tour packages. A perfect planned visit can offer you with a close look to migratory birds; enjoy a trek on camel top, drive and camping on the sands. As an important tourist spot, you also get the best of BBQ dinners for the evening.

Dubai Autodrome

Autodrome as the name suggests is an ideal place to explore your love for automobiles. The Dubai autodrome is located in just half an hour’s drive from the city center and offers visitors an opportunity to drive most exotic cars in the market. Whether it is luxury or sports, you get to try driving both at affordable cost. An important attraction of Autodrome is that visitors are offered with thrilling and safe driving experience. The racing experience in these karts will remain in your memory forever.

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