The Perseverance Project

Who: Anne Frank

Born: June 12, 1929

Death: March 1954

What: The Holocaust

Where: Amsterdam

The Beginning of the Holocaust.

When the early Holocaust began, many people were forced to be shipped to Concentration Camps, where they were tortured.

However, the Frank family moved to safety in a small, secret attic.

How do we know about Anne Frank? Before the move to the secret attic, Anne received a special journal, which she wrote everything in. The Diary was found when the Frank family helpers(The ones who gave them food and clothing) were cleaning the attic.

The diary reveals many humble secrets that Anne wrote on the pages. She shares her troubles and writes about her family.


One of Anne's accomplishments was growing up. She never got to be a kid. She missed going outside and playing with her friends, bicycling and swimming. She missed the fresh air outside.

Instead, Anne had to be as quiet as possible. No hanging out with friends; she had to

By 1940, Amsterdam was attacked. Anne and her family were taken away to the camps, where Anne, her sister Margot, and her mother were separated from their father.

Anne later died with her mother and sister, while her father got through the camp and survived.

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