total miles traveled 950 miles.

Kansas City MO, Davenport Iowa, Des Moines Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska back to Kansas city. The car i choose was the 2012 smart car.

36.2 mpg, total cost $95.7, and 22.7 gallons. 9 days sightseeing, davenport 3 days, Des Moines 2 days, Omaha 1 day, Lincoln 1 day, Topeka 2 days.  

I'm going to go to the fair in davenport and i'm going to ride the fairs wheel.

I'm going to the Des Moines Amusement park. I will ride the rocket coaster in side the amusement park.

I'm going to to the Art Museum in Omaha Nebraska.

In Lincoln Nebraska I will be going to the trampoline Place.

In Topeka Kansas I will be going to the Rockin Robin show.

The total cost  of hotels was $950. Total cost of meals was $121.50. Total cost of trip was $1,954.70

The reasons i choose these states was because they were some of the closets states. They were also a short distance away from each other. But i have always wanted to see these cities again. Those are the reasons i choose the states i did.

Thank you!!