Don't eat the Lotus, you may find
It'll make you lose your mind

The Lotus Flower is a flower tastes of the sweetest honeys, but the affects aren't worth the taste.

You will soon loose all cravings for home and for your own family. Causing you to sleep in peaceful apathy.

Two in Five people get addicted to The Lotus flower every week.

Three out of five just go insane.

Odysseus and his crew finally escape, having lose six men per ship. A storm sent by Zues sweeps them along for nine days before bringing them to the land of the Lotus-eaters, where the natives give some of Odysseus's men the intoxicating fruit of lotus.

Those who eat of the lotus ceased to remember that there was a past or a future. All duties they forgot, and all sadness. All day long they would sit and dream and dream idle, happy dreams that never ended.

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