A long time there was Genelyn a friend of Katelyn, Katelyn a friend of Genelyn, Niall Horan a member of a band called One Direction also the band almost all girls love and Channing Tatum an emotional actor.

     One day Genelyn and Katelyn decided to go from Toronto to Paris since it was summer break. It took them seven and a half hours for them to arrive from Toronto to Paris. They went to Paris by an airplane. When they went on plane Katelyn was listening to “Best Song Ever” by her favorite band One Direction. She would listen tons of time to the parts when Niall sang because she loved him. Genelyn would listen to every by One Direction which is also her favorite band.

     When Genelyn and Katelyn arrived at Paris One Direction had a concert so Genelyn and Katelyn went to the concert. After the concert One Direction went to the back of the hotel. Katelyn and Genelyn snuck behind him and followed them when a security guard saw and took them out because they weren’t allowed in the hotel. When One Direction opened the door of their room they all saw a person walking out of Niall’s room holding a money box. Niall didn’t know who was that person because they were disguised in dark black clothes with also a dark black bag. The person was Channing Tatum. Niall looked at that person again suspiciously and realized that they was Channing Tatum. Then Channing briskly ran to the door. Niall chased Channing and then he was at the door and started opening it. Niall came, slam and blocked the door so Channing couldn’t get out. He was stuck in the room. He thought of a plan. He opened his black bag and rummaged through it to find his hammer. “C’mon C’mon where is it.” said Channing. He finally found his hammer. His plan was to use his hammer and break the lock so he could get out of the room he was stuck in. Channing kept on banging the lock with his hammer. He took his and bang the lock for the 40th time as hard as he could. The lock finally broke and now he could run and escape out with freedom. He opened the door and glanced left and right to see if Niall was there.

Unfortunately Niall was standing in the living room. He looked down when something fell out of his black bag. It was Niall’s money box. “Hold it right there.” said Niall. “What’s that on the ground.” asked Niall suspiciously. Channing didn’t answer. Niall knew something was suspicious Channing. “Answer me!” loudly shouted Niall as he grabbed Channing’s collar. Channing kick Niall’s stomach, took his money box and open the door when Niall jumped on him and grabbed his money box. Unfortunately he missed. Channing rolled over away from Niall. Channing got up and quickly ran away when suddenly Niall pulled Channing’s ankle and he tripped. Niall grabbed Channing’s wrist and his money as Channing grabs it back and ran out the door.  

Genelyn and Katelyn saw the person and they looked suspicious so Katelyn agreed with Genelyn that they should call 911. Niall went after Channing fo get his money box back. Channing went in the elevator door when Niall appeared and stopped it from closing but unfortunately it was too late, the door closed and Niall couldn't get in. He decided to go in a different elevator. Channing pressed the basement button. The elevator stopped on the basement floor so Channing ran out with his big black bag. He saw many cars there was no time left so he chose a random one, put his big black bag and drove out as brisk as he could. Niall went in the basement floor, got in his car and drove out after Channing.

While that was happening Genelyn and Katelyn went downstairs and was looking for Channing. They went out an exit door and ran through a street looking all over for Channing. When they they were running to look for Channing Genelyn tripped over a boulder and her knee was bleeding like crazy. Katelyn decided to take Genelyn to the hospital. Genelyn didn’t want to be alone so she told Katelyn to stay in the hospital with her.

Channing drove into a small town and crashed into a carrier tricycle. Niall couldn’t see Channing so he decided to drive into this small town which was the same town Channing went into. When he was driving into this small town Niall finally saw Channing driving in his car with is money box and chased after him. Channing drove past a grocery store when he glanced behind him and saw Niall following him. He panicked and drove super speed. He then drove into a very short and small street near the grocery store that he passed and when straight ahead. Niall followed him even through a very short and small street near the grocery store but he ran out of gas there was no time left so he had to call 911.

Unfortunately there was a huge wall that was blocking half of the street and there was no other way out so Channing thought of a plan. His plan was to climb over the wall but it was too high so he couldn’t reach plus there were security cameras everywhere so he didn’t want to get caught. Channing briskly got out of his car and was looking around to see if Niall was there. Luckily he wasn’t. Channing thought of a second plan. He to look around to see if there was something that could go on water. He luckily saw a black and white canoe floating in the ocean, got back in the car, grab his big black bag, ran to the canoe , and drove away .

Four police officers went on two canoes to find Channing. They splitted up into two groups. Each groups went on one canoe. Niall went with them. They drove their canoes all over the ocean. Niall saw a man wearing black clothes driving on a black and white canoe and with a money box sticking out of there's bag. “There he is! That’s him!” shouted Niall. Channing suddenly heard someone shouting and so he turned around to see who that was. When he turned around he saw four police officers also driving on a canoe toward him. He panicked and drove faster. Unfortunately there were big and high rocks so he couldn’t get any farther. “Put your hand up!” shouted on of the police officers. The sergeant had cuffed Channing and took him to prison for two years. The sergeant took the money box and gave it back to Niall. Niall finally got his money box back. “Thank you so much sergeant for your help.” Niall said with a big smile on his face.

Written by Kathy Tran Nguyen



The Money Box

The small town that Niall and Channing both drove into.

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